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In 2017 four musicians – Alexander Kahn, Matthew Vincent, Kristie Janczyk, and Kathryn Stewart – were sitting at a bar in the town of Sonoma bemoaning the lack of casual classical music experiences available in Sonoma County. Our feeling was that, for most people, attending a classical music concert continues to evoke trepidation - unease about what to wear, fear regarding when to clap, and frustration over the many nuances of etiquette. All four of us dreamed of creating a new classical music ensemble, one that broke down barriers between musicians and audiences and made the concert experience a delight for all of the senses.


The Vintner’s Chamber Orchestra ( is the ensemble that grew out of that fateful meeting. We are committed to bringing transformative and innovative performances of the chamber orchestra repertoire to audiences throughout the North Bay. The ensemble is dynamic and flexible and aims to presents concerts throughout Sonoma and Napa Counties in both traditional (concert hall, churches) and non-traditional (wineries, pubs, parks) spaces. Additionally, the group will combine musical performance with events such as literary readings, art gallery openings, dance/theater productions, wine tastings, and wellness/meditation experiences.


Our repertoire focuses on the traditional masterworks of chamber orchestra repertoire from the 1750s to the present, while also including world music, new music, and collaborations with soloists, vocalists, and artists of all stripes.

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